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Are you an archer looking to build your confidence, improve your shooting, and level up as a bow hunter?

If you currently have a bow but you’re feeling like you have a long way to go to truly owning your confidence as a bow hunter, this camp is for you!


Whether you just got a new to you bow and want to learn how to use it, you've had a bow but haven’t spent much time with it, or you've shot a bow for a long time but you still need to refine your process and build consistency in your shot--this full immersion weekend will teach you what you need to know!


Our Archery Fundamentals Course is a hands-on camp that helps you better understand how your bow works on all levels.


We will cover the components to a bow, how to create your own shooting cycle, how to sight your bow in by yourself, and of course, help you become a confident and consistent shooter! 

Good archers and bowhunters aren't necessarily those who have been shooting a bow for a long time, it’s those who develop and practice with good habits and proper mechanics.


Our mission is not only to help you understand your bow and learn to sight in yourself, but also help you own your shot process and gain confidence so you can expand your experiences in the field or on the range!

This will be a full immersion weekend for women in the outdoors and will cover many topics to help prepare you for the best hunting season of your life!


This camp will be a combination of shooting, discussion, and hands on education.

The Oregon event will be held in collaboration with the NW Mountain Challenge at the Hoodoo Ski Resort and we will be able to shoot their epic 3D Mountain courses! There will be on site camping with room for tents and even an RV or two!

The Utah event will be held at the Weber County Archery Park and be a combination of indoor range, discussions in the conference room, time on the outdoor 3D range, and time to campout and connect with new friends! 

Both the Oregon and Utah events will have on site camping! Lodging will be provided "elk camp" style. Enjoy the weekend with friends while we camp out in wall tents and shelters together. Bring your tent or borrow one from your host! These fun and laid back weekends will be full of education, connection, and new friends! 

Pack your bags, grab your archery gear, throw some food into the cooler and come join us for an epic weekend of archery with other passionate women!


Are you ready to learn alongside a small group of like-minded women who share your love for archery?

For full event details, questions, and information please check out the FAQ section below!

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What can you expect at Archery Camp?

  • Complete Archery Fundamentals Course

  • Archery instruction (what is your shot process)

  • Getting acquainted (learning your bow + components)

  • Going the distance (shooting beyond 20 yards + sighting in)

  • Mental and physical toughness (fitness + mindset)

  • Situational shooting (treestand/ ground blind + angles discussion)

  • Injury prevention and mechanics for the mountain (safety + survival)

  • Pack fitting and gear must-haves (gear talk)

  • Mapping systems with onX (e-scouting + mapping + navigation) 

  • Off-grid prep (mental/ physical skill for the backcountry)

  • Scouting tips and tactics (how to choose the right hunting location)

  • Choosing stand or blind setups (use your map to add success)

  • Best expedition food  (maximize physical performance for the long haul)

  • Interactive Q & A and more!


Meet Your Coaches

Courtney Prete

Founder - Her Outdoor Journey

Courtney is a mom, business owner, military wife, avid hunter, host of the Soul Summit Podcast, registered guide, and passionate advocate for women in the outdoors!


Courtney's mission is to bridge the gap for women in the hunting world by creating a safe space to learn, while cultivating lifetime friendships through HER OUTDOOR JOURNEY camps and events.

Courtney's drive is fueled by helping you see your potential and encouraging you to go out and live your bucket list life!


Mel Eppich

founder - Eppich Archery Unleashed

Mel is a certified archery coach with a background in recreational therapy and exercise science. 


After personally experiencing several hurdles for women in the archery industry, she became passionate about making a change.


Her goal is to provide opportunities, education, and an environment where women and families can feel comfortable and confident finding their perfect place in archery. 


Whether you crave the competition scene, want to provide food for your family, or just love the thud of foam, Mel will be there to celebrate your successes and help you to exceed your goals. 



Over the course of the weekend we will uncover all the elements you need to become a great bow hunter! 

The weekend will begin with time to get to know one another, share a bit about yourself, and get settled into camp.

The rest of the weekend will be filled with our Archery Fundamentals Course, and a combination of shooting drills, range time, 3D shoot, and lots of group discussions. 

Because our mission is to send you into your archery season feeling capable and prepared, we will also cover some of the biggest topics in hunting - e-scouting, onX maps, using the wind, treestand/ ground blind set ups, scent control, gear talk, injury prevention, etc. - to help increase your confidence! 

Archery Camp is a game changer for women serious about expanding their horizons and finally feeling like a serious bow hunter!

You may be coming to this camp for the archery skills,  but this event comes with a BIG BONUS: a sisterhood and tribe of women that will change your life!


Year after year I find myself being amazed at the connections that are built during these events! Even the mostly introverted women - who tip toe in - leave with an overflowing cup of love and friendship!


This group of women will not only inspire you to soak in every bit of the knowledge from your instructor, but these women will continue to empower, uplift, support, and champion you as you head back into the grind of day-to-day life!

Who know's, maybe you'll meet your new hunting partner on at Archery Camp! 

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One of the very best parts of our camps is the reward of getting the "GUESS WHAT I DID!?" messages during hunting season!


Seeing women come to Her Outdoor Journey events hungry to build on their outdoor skills so they can successfully provide for themselves and their family is a DREAM COME TRUE!

Here's to empowering more women to grow, learn, and develop priceless hunting skills! Self reliance is a game changer!


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"The friendships you come away with from Courtneys camps are a sisterhood you never knew you needed. I’ve formed the most beautiful relationships with women across the country and I’m a better person myself because of them. They’ll walk through fires with you, laugh with you, and love you unconditionally.


Go for the knowledge and expertise, leave with a fuller heart and a soul lit on fire!!”

Khyrstyne K., Califorina 


What are the dates?

Hoodoo, Oregon June 21-23, 2024

Ogden, Utah July 26-28, 2024

Location addresses:

OREGON: Hoodoo Ski Resort 27400 Big Lake Road, Sisters, OR 97759

UTAH: Weber County Archery Park 2840 F Avenue Ogden, Utah 84401

What are the starting and ending times for each event?

OREGON: Arrival for the Hoodoo event is between 7-8am at the Hoodoo Ski Resort on June 21st, 2024. This event ends Sunday, June 23rd at 10am. If you need to alter the arrival or departure times please reach out to to arrange this.

UTAH: Arrival for the Ogden Camp is between 8-9am am at the Weber County Archery Park on July 26th, 2024. This event ends 10am Sunday, July 28th.  If you need to alter the arrival or departure times please reach out to to arrange this.

Where will camp be?

Oregon - this event will be in conjunction with NW Mountain Challenge at Hoodoo (near Sisters).

Utah - this event will be held at the Weber County Archery Park (Bakcou Community Center) in Ogden.

Is there transportation to the event?

No, transportation is not provided to camp. If you are flying in for the Oregon camp the best airports will be Eugene (EUG) which is about a 1.5 hour drive to the event location or the Redmond airport (RDM) which is about a 56 minute drive to the event location.

If you are flying in for the Utah camp, the best airport is Salt Lake City (SLC) and is about a 40 minute drive to the event location.

Who is this camp for?

Both the Oregon and Utah Archery Camps are for women who currently have a bow but you’re feeling like you have a long way to go, as well as bowhunters who have a good understanding of shooting, are comfortable with their shot process, and want to expand their knowledge further, build consistency, learn how to sight in on their own, and understand how to be effective in the field!

Whether you just got a new to you bow and want to learn how to use it, or you have had a bow for a long time and want to improve your skills, this full immersion weekend will teach you what you need to know!

How many women will be attending?

There are 18 spots available at each camp.

Can I attend if I shoot a traditional bow?

Yes, you can! All archery equipment is welcome! 

What is the lodging for this camp?

We will be camping onsite together! Bring your trailer, a tent, or feel free to use one we provide for you! You are also welcome to get an Airbnb if you would like but please note we would love your full participation in this fun archery weekend with the ladies! 

Tell me about the showers and bathroom situation.

There are bathroom and showers available at both the Oregon and Utah camps! 


Is food provided?

Yes and no, snacks will be available Saturday and Sunday throughout our day at the Bakcou Center however you are responsible for your own breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Coolers can be made available for storage if needed and we will have scheduled times for meals.

What do you need to bring? 

  • your bow, arrows (6-10), and your release

  • binoculars and rangefinder recommended

  • allen wrenches (optional)

  • bedding: pillow, pad, sleeping bag (bring your own tent if you wish)

  • clothes, warm/ cold weather, athletic clothes, comfortable shoes for indoor/outdoor/ hiking, day pack, and refillable water bottle

  • bug spray

  • any food or beverage items you’d like

  • a detailed packing list and weekend itinerary will be emailed to you after booking.

How far will we be shooting?

For the majority of the time we will be shooting 20-30 yards. Once we take to the outdoor 3D course we will extend our ranges to up to 100 yards (if you choose to take those long shots - you do not have to!)

What is the refund and cancellation policy?

Payment is due at the time of booking. No refunds, cancellations, or credits will be offered for this trip.  If you are unable to make the trip for any reason you are welcome to transfer your deposit to another lady. In the unlikely event that your guide has to cancel the trip, you will receive a full refund!

Why are only women invited on this trip?

Part of the mission and vision that builds our camps is to bridge the gap for women in the outdoors. These camps and events allow women a common ground where they are able to connect and ignite powerful bonds! These inspiring small events are outlined to build confidence in yourself while being supported by women just like you!

Will there be co-ed trips in the future?

YES! We are working on adding more camps to our lineup! If you have a special request or an event you’d like to have designed around your bucket list idea, send me an email at Bachelorette party? 50th birthday? Team building retreat? Get a hold of us for a free consultation!

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