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EP 013 - Getting To Know Cara Harper

Every time I sit down to listen, edit, and reflect on an episode I'm always reminded of how many truly inspirational, bad ass women I am surrounded by.

Todays episode is another fun, off the cuff conversation with little miss BA herself Cara Harper. I originally started following her several years ago because it seemed like every time I turned around she was doing something wildly exciting. From waterfowl, to big game in the mountains, traveling, and adventuring with her husband, this powerhouse is always getting livin the good life.

I'm thankful to have shared this conversation with Cara, and to hear her stories of growing up. We share many similarities, and at times I felt like I was listening to stories of my own upbringing. Our dads, I swear, were the same person.

Cara opens up about her future plans in the health and fitness community, and her passion for being in the outdoors sharing that passion with others. It's evident that her heart and soul is in the adventure and pursuit of the hunt, and I thoroughly enjoyed this chat.

As promised, and in our combined mission to introduce more women into the sport of archery, hunting, and outdoors, here are some links to resources to helping your navigate your next journey in the field.

This is a small list in the pursuit of finding your way as you begin your hunting journey, but I always recommend getting involved, calling your local Fish and Game, and ASKING QUESTIONS. There are always others willing to support your education, and lifestyle.

Remember, knowledge is power when it comes to diving into new areas, and tackling these new experiences. Jump in, soak it up, and Enjoy the Journey!

Find more from Cara Harper on Facebook, or Instagram, or see what she has going on on her website:

You can also keep tabs on Her Inspired Journey on Instagram, or follow my personal journey here, Courtney LeVesque

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Amanda Revolt
Amanda Revolt
May 15, 2019

Courtney, thank you so much for this podcast, and especially this episode with Cara Harper! I’ve been playing catch-up for a couple of weeks now with the podcast, haven’t heard one I don’t enjoy, but this one is the best one for me (so far)! I’m a new wannabe-hunter. I’ve always had the interest but haven’t had someone have the patience to take me. This episode just spoke to me, letting me know it’s never too late. Letting me know that it’s okay to be in my 30’s and just starting out. Thank you for the girl-power outdoors encouragement! Please keep them coming!

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