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EP 029 - Balancing Hunting and Momming

Another Monday means another Her Inspired Journey Podcast and this time we are coming to you from my backyard, after wrapping up another EPIC Ladies Weekend event in Fall Creek, Oregon.

I am joined on this episode by my badass friend and hunting sister, Gina Shively of Wild and Well Fed. This woman is a master in the kitchen and I was super excited when she called to tell me she would be joining us for the weekend.

As always she shared her knowledge and passion for food, and DIY Dehydrated Backcountry Meals -- we even got to do some hands-on meal prep, yum!

As we sit down in the backyard we chat about how we balance out mom life, while still pursuing our need for the wild things, and the great outdoors.

It can be hard to find the time to get out on a hunt, and it can be even more difficult to decide who gets to go out while the other parent stays home to take care of the family. Not to mention, getting through the occasional resentment and jealousy it can spark isn't always easy to do. We cover all of it and talk about ways to get kids involved, and excited about new outdoor experiences.

Jump in and listen for yourself -- chances are you can relate.

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