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EP 061 - Spring Bear Hunting and Other Things With Sharp Teeth with Alyssa Mahaney

Thanks for joining us on another episode of Her Inspired Journey.

Today we are talking with Alyssa Mahaney about managing predators, spring bear hunting, her life growing up as a houndsmen and more!

This chick is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to predators and the outdoors - I am stoked for you to listen in to this episode. Her thoughts and approach to social media also bring a refreshing and insightful perspective to sharing our lives and stories as hunters.

Don't miss the full-length episode: Spring Bear Hunting and Other Things With Sharp Teeth

This episode is sponsored by Backcountry Fuel Box - if you've listened to the show before you are probably already acquainted with this killer company and the monthly food subscription box they offer. If not, be sure to head to and use the code "HERINSPIRED" to save 10% at checkout.

While you're online, be sure to link up with me and the ladies over in the Women of WA project. Every week we will bring you just what you need to keep your motivation up, your mindset in the right place, and of course, we've got your back.

Hop into this community of women here.

Jump in and enjoy!

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