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How to Become a Breakfast Eater

Updated: Dec 23, 2017

Eating breakfast isn't always easy, but it is a must.

We all have those mornings that we are a few steps behind, running late, or didn't plan for breakfast- some of us may have those mornings often. Is breakfast really that important? Quick answer, yes.

“Start simple. If you aren't a breakfast eater now, or skip it often start by adding something quick and easy.”

A banana, a handful of almonds, an apple, some oatmeal or toast. Breakfast doesn't have to be a full meal, but it has to be something. I tell my clients, especially the stubborn ones, aim for 8-10 bites of something, preferably not cold pizza.

Why is Breakfast Important?

You've all heard the word metabolism, but what is it exactly? Your metabolism is your energy burning system. It takes the food and liquids that you intake and either burns it for fuel (energy) or it stores it as fuel (or fat) for later use. Seems simple enough, right? Not hardly. Your metabolism can be a picky monster, especially if it isn't getting what it needs, like proper nutrition, hydration, regular meals, rest and BREAKFAST.

When you go to sleep at night your metabolism shifts into rest mode also. It is still working to metabolize energy for involuntary functions like, organ function, breathing, body temperature, etc. but it is not running full force like it is when you are awake. When you wake up in the morning it 'wakes up' with you but not until you give it something to metabolize, breakfast (food), does it really kick back into gear. So if you want to be a fuel burning machine, keep your metabolism high (and fat low) then eating breakfast is a must.

For more on how to increase your metabolism, improve your fat burning abilities, and start implementing breakfast email me at for a free phone consultation.

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