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2024 Dates TBA


Come and spend the weekend with us gals.


If you currently have a bow but you’re feeling like you have a long way to go, this camp is for you. Whether you just got a new to you bow and want to learn how to use it, or you've had a bow but haven’t spent much time with it, this full immersion weekend will teach you what you need to know from the ground up!


Archery 1.0 is a hands-on camp that helps you better understand how your bow works. We also cover the components to a bow, how to create your own shooting cycle, how to sight your bow in by yourself, and of course, help you become a confident and consistent shooter! 


Good archers and bowhunters aren’t those who have been shooting a bow for a long time, it’s those who develop and practice with good habits and proper mechanics. Our mission is not only to help you understand your bow and learn to sight in yourself, but also help you own your shot process and gain confidence.


This will be a full immersion weekend for women in the outdoors and will cover many topics to help prepare you for the best hunting season of your life!


Come learn alongside a small group of like-minded women who share your passion for archery!


Lodging will be provided "elk camp" style. Enjoy the weekend with friends while we camp out in wall tents and shelters on the property together. (Bathroom facilities are on site but showers are not available).


Friday we kick things off by getting to know the other ladies around a campfire. We will also open the discussion to talk about many topics for beginner hunters to expand their knowledge and skills.


Saturday will be filled with group discussions, shooting clinics, and hands-on learning. Sunday will be more shooting, final discussions, and wrapping up!


Dinner Friday night, will be served potluck style with your favorite dishes. Bring a protein or a side dish to share, and be prepared to pass around the recipe with others. :) You're welcome to bring your own meals or coolers as well. 


Breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner will be provided for you on Saturday. Sunday we will wake up and enjoy a hot breakfast (provided for you) before we begin our day on the range.


Saturday and Sunday will be filled with seminars, and hands-on classes to get you ready for your hunt!


Take a look at some of the topics we'll cover:


  • Archery instruction (what is your shot process)

  • Getting acquainted (learning your bow + components)

  • Going the distance (shooting beyond 20 yards + sighting in)

  • Mental and physical toughness (fitness + mindset)

  • Situational shooting (treestand/ ground blind + angles)

  • Injury prevention and mechanics for the mountain (safety + survival)

  • Pack fitting and gear must-haves (gear talk)

  • Mapping systems with onX (e-scouting + mapping + navigation) 


We have partnered up with some top outdoor companies who have generously donated gear, products, goodies, and more!


Come for the friendships and archery and stay for our epic giveaways with thousands of dollars in prizes! Want to win a new pack, some women's camo, premium membership to onXmaps, Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls, new Maven binoculars, Wilderness Athlete products, a brand new bow, and more? Everyone who registers will be entered to win tons of great products! 


Whether you are brand new to bow hunting, or you are looking to come and connect with other ladies who share your passion, WE INVITE YOU TO COME AND JOIN THE FUN!


What do you need to bring? 


  • your bow, 5 or so arrow, and your release (I have release demos for those who don't currently have one)

  • bedding, pillow, pad, sleeping bag (bring your own tent if you wish)

  • clothes, warm/ cold weather, athletic clothes, closed-toe shoes

  • one potluck items for Friday dinner and any additional food or beverage items you’d like


Spots are limited to the first 15 who register, first come first serve, and must be completed online.


What are you waiting for? Get registered and we’ll SEE YOU SOON!


Camp registration is transferable but not refundable. 


Can’t make it to this camp but want to attend one? Currently, we have held camps in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Washington, and Oregon! Now, we'd love to come see you! Send us an email at if you would like to set up an Archery Camp in your hometown! 


Archery Camp 1.0 (beginner)

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