ARCHERY 2 - Advanced 



Come and spend the weekend with us gals on June 10th, 11th, 12th  -- we'll be kicking off LADIES WEEKEND in Fall Creek, Oregon. (full directions available after purchase). Fall Creek is located approx 18 min east of Eugene.


This will be a full immersion weekend for women in the outdoors and will cover several laser-focused topics to help you build on your success in the outdoors. 


This event is geared toward bowhunters (or archers) who have a good understanding of shooting, are comfortable with their shot process, and want to expand their knowledge further.


Lodging will be provided "elk camp" style and we will be camped out in wall tents and shelters on the property together. Saturday night will be spent around the campfire sharing stories, hanging out, and building relationships with other women who share your passion. Feel free to bring your favorite campfire goodies and beverages.


Breakfast, snacks, and lunch (on Sat & Sun) will be provided for you with Saturday dinner served potluck style with your favorite dishes. Bring a protein or a side dish to share, and be prepared to pass around the recipe with others. :) There is plenty of room if you want to bring your own meals or coolers as well. 


Saturday and Sunday will be filled with seminars, and hands-on classes to get you ready for your hunt. Take a look at what you can expect:


  • Range time (what is your shot process)

  • Fine-tuning (range time + situational shooting)

  • Going the distance (extended distance shooting + 3D shoot)

  • Off-grid prep (mental/ physical skill for the backcountry)

  • Scouting tips and tactics (how to choose the right hunting location)

  • Shed hunting tips and tactics (use your map to add success)

  • Digital scouting with onX (e scouting + mapping) 

  • Expedition food  (maximize physical performance for the long haul)

  • Gear must-haves (what’s in your pack)


We have partnered up with some top outdoor companies who have generously donated gear, products, goodies, and more!


Want to win a new pack, some women's camo, premium membership to onXmaps, Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls, Wilderness Athlete, and more? Everyone who attends will be entered to win tons of great products! 


If you are relentlessly driven to pursue wild adventures in the outdoors, want to connect with other women who share your passion, and are eager to take to the backcountry, WE INVITE YOU TO COME AND JOIN THE FUN!


What do you need to bring? 


  • your bow, arrow, and release (I have demos for those who don't currently have one)

  • bedding, pillow, pad, sleeping bag (bring your own tent if you wish)

  • clothes, warm/ cold weather, athletic clothes, hiking shoes, closed-toe shoes, sandals, bathing suit (we will be doing a 3-mile group hike Sunday *this is optional)

  • any additional food or beverage items you’d like


Spots are limited to the first 15 who register, first come first serve, and must be completed online. What are you waiting for? Get registered and we’ll SEE YOU SOON!


When: June 10th - 12th, 2022

Time: Friday arrival at 3 pm and later through Sunday at 11 am

Where: Fall Creek, Oregon

Cost: $244


Archery Camp 2.0 (advanced)