Backcountry Experience 





Come and spend the weekend with the gals -- we'll be kicking off the Ladies Weekend, Backcountry Experience in Fall Creek, Oregon.


After meeting in Fall Creek, we will shuttle to a trailhead to begin our Backcountry Experience together!


This will be a full immersion weekend for women in the outdoors and will cover several topics to help you build on your success in the outdoors and get comfortable navigating the adventure off-grid. 


This event is geared toward outdoor adventure seekers who wants to build some independence in the mountains, and learn more about survival, safety, navigation, and self-exploration. 


Upon arrival, everyone will be provided with a backpacking tent for the weekend, or bring your own if you wish! 


Early Saturday morning we will pack up our camp and head in for a hike into the beautiful PNW forest. 


Saturday afternoon and evening we will explore some group discussions around mindset and habits, self-reflection exercises, group yoga sessions, and downtime! Bring something you can enjoy the sun, and water in as we will be close to water! 


Saturday night will be spent around the campfire (burning permitted) sharing stories, hanging out, and building relationships with other women who share your passion for adventure. Feel free to bring your favorite campfire goodies and beverages, but remember, pack light! (more on that topic after registration!)


All food on Saturday and Sunday will be provided for you with a variety of choices! Friday when you check in you will have to opportunity to pack your meals in your pack for the experience. Want to bring some of your own food? You are more than welcome to do so. 


Not sure what to pack? Don't worry, we will guide you through the process from gear and planning to food and backcountry needs. We're here to teach you what works for us while others at camp can share their gear, insight, and knowledge in their own areas of experience.


Take a look at what you can expect:


  • Group backcountry experience

  • Meals and snacks provided

  • A personal, packable journal

  • Your own backcountry tent

  • Group coaching sessions and self-reflection

  • Learning and growing as you explore the backcountry

  • Testing out different water filtration methods

  • Survival skills and navigation 

  • Trail safety and learning trail ethics

  • Group yoga and self-development lessons 


We have partnered up with some top outdoor companies who have generously donated gear, products, goodies, and more!


Everyone who attends will be entered to win tons of great products! 


If you are relentlessly driven to pursue wild adventures in the outdoors, want to connect with other women who share your passion, and are eager to take to the backcountry, WE INVITE YOU TO COME AND JOIN THE FUN!


What do you need to bring? 


  • Your hunting pack and water bladder or water bottle 2L recommended, water filter if you have one

  • Bedding, pillow, pad, sleeping bag (bring your own tent if you wish)

  • Hike appropriate clothes, warm/ cold weather, hiking shoes, trekking poles, bathing suit optional

  • Toiletries as needed

  • Any additional food or beverage items you’d like


It is highly recommended that you have a moderate fitness level with the ability to hike 3-5 miles with some elevation ascent and descent. You do not have to be "in the best shape of your life," just able and ready to hike! 

What are you waiting for? Get registered and we’ll SEE YOU SOON!


When: TBA 2023



Backcountry Experience (intermediate)