Are you tired of wasting time logging workouts that aren’t giving you results? Your schedule is packed enough you don’t need to spend hours in the gym just to keep feeling like you aren’t making the progress you want.


HIIT 30 Gives You Everything You Need To Blast Fat & Sculpt Your Body - In 20-40 Minutes A Day From Anywhere! 


Don’t spend unneeded time training when you could be doing something else. These short but effective training sessions will help you bust through the plateaus, get you into shape, and boost your confidence through the roof!


Build your best body from the comfort of your home, while you travel, or from the gym! HIIT 30 just requires one set of medium dumbbells! *foam roller is recommended.



What is HIIT 30? 

HIIT 30 is a one-month all-inclusive fitness program created to give you results fast. High-Intensity Interval Training has been praised for helping men and women from all walks of life effectively burn more calories with shorter duration workouts. HIIT also keeps your metabolism revved up and burning calories for 24 hours after your workout. 


  • Tone and Sculpt your arms, legs, shoulders, back, and core with just a set of dumbbells from home! (will you be traveling? Sub in resistance bands instead!)

  • Blast body fat in just 20-40 minutes a day (5 workouts can be modified if needed to fit your fitness level and schedule)

  • Transform your body, gain confidence, and enjoy the journey! 

  • Don’t waste your workout time wondering what to do - just press PLAY AND FOLLOW!

  • Effective workouts that will leave you feeling strong and powerful

  • Get instant access to your private training app and jump inside our group chat with other people in the HIIT 30 program!



How does the program work? 

After you register for HIIT 30 you will get an email with your private app invitation. Then log in and enter your information to get your training profile set up. You will be added to a group chat for accountability and motivation and have access to your training starting (plans begin every Monday of the week).

Who is HIIT 30 for? 

HIIT 30 is a modifiable program for men and women looking to:

  • Lose fat, tone, and sculpt!

  • Build consistent habits and a fitness routine without spending hours working out

  • Gain confidence, love your body, and do it right at home with just a set of dumbbells!


How do I access workouts?

Every workout is prescheduled and on your profile calendar. Once you are ready to work out you can tap on the workout and get started! Every movement will come with a short video clip to make sure you know what to do and how to do it. No need to have a timer running the app will count your time for you! 


How many workouts are there?

The HIIT 30 program has 5 short workouts a week but you can add or reduce workout days based on your needs and fitness level. 


How long is each workout?

Plan on 20-40 minutes, but every workout can be modified if you need to shorten it up, or want to add a few more rounds! 


What equipment do I need?

Just one set of moderate weight dumbbells, and yourself! *foam roller is recommended


Is this for beginners or advanced?

HIIT 30 is 100% modifiable to YOUR FITNESS LEVEL. Every workout has instructions and modifications for you to make it as hard or as easy as you need to suit where you are! 


I struggle to stay motivated, can this help me?

YES! You will have access to a group chat where everyone in the HIIT 30 program can chat, share goals, talk about workouts, food, and more! There will also be daily messages and reminders from your coach to keep you moving forward and making progress! 


I’m intimidated to start a fitness program, I’m afraid to fail… what advice do you have?

We are all afraid of something - don’t let your best, most confident self sit on the back burner! Step by step you can work to regain your health and get in the best shape possible. We believe in you and soon you will believe in yourself too!