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ARCHERY CAMP (Ogden, Utah)

July 26-28, 2024


Location details and itinerary will be sent after registration! 


This will be a full immersion weekend for women in the outdoors and will cover several laser-focused topics to help you build on your success in the outdoors and as a bow hunter. 


If you currently have a bow but you’re feeling like you have a long way to go to truly owning your confidence as a bow hunter, this camp is for you!


Whether you just got a new to you bow and want to learn how to use it, you have had a bow but haven’t spent much time with it, or you've had a bow for a long time but you still need to refine your shooting process and build consistency in your shot, this full immersion weekend will teach you what you need to know!


This event is geared toward bow hunters who have a good, foundational understanding of shooting, are comfortable with their shot process, and want to expand their knowledge further.


Come learn alongside a small group of like-minded women who share your passion for archery!


If you are relentlessly driven to pursue wild adventures in the outdoors, want to connect with other women who share your passion, and are eager to take to the backcountry, WE INVITE YOU TO COME AND JOIN THE FUN!


What can I expect at Archery Camp?

  • Complete Archery Fundamentals Course

  • Archery instruction (what is your shot process)

  • Getting acquainted (learning your bow + components)

  • Going the distance (shooting beyond 20 yards + sighting in)

  • Mental and physical toughness (fitness + mindset)

  • Situational shooting (treestand/ ground blind + angles discussion)

  • Injury prevention and mechanics for the mountain (safety + survival)

  • Pack fitting and gear must-haves (gear talk)

  • Mapping systems with onX (e-scouting + mapping + navigation) 

  • Off-grid prep (mental/ physical skill for the backcountry)

  • Scouting tips and tactics (how to choose the right hunting location)

  • Choosing stand or blind setups (use your map to add success)

  • Best expedition food  (maximize physical performance for the long haul)

  • Interactive Q & A and more!


What are the dates?

Ogden, Utah July 26-28, 2024


Location addresses:

UTAH: Weber County Archery Park 2840 F Avenue Ogden, Utah 84401


What are the starting and ending times for each event?

UTAH: Arrival for the Ogden Camp is between 8-9am am at the Weber County Archery Park on July 26th, 2024. This event ends 10am Sunday, July 28th.  If you need to alter the arrival or departure times please reach out to to arrange this.


Spots are limited to the first 18 who register, first come first serve. What are you waiting for? Get registered and we’ll SEE YOU SOON!


Can’t make it to this camp but want to attend one? We've held camps in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Australia, and Oregon! Now, we'd love to come see you! Send us an email at if you would like to set up an Archery Camp in your hometown! 




Archery Camp (Utah)

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