This 30 day program is laser-focused to help you build your dream booty fast.

side effects may include: high- fives from strangers, people asking "how you did it", double-taking yourself in the mirror, butt grabs from your main squeeze, and THROUGH THE ROOF CONFIDENCE.


✔️ Workout ANYWHERE - home, gym, on the road

✔️ Minimal equipment - 1 set of dumbbells, swiss ball, weighted pack, resistance band (all available online) - modifications available if needed

​✔️ Flexible workout schedule - complete your workouts whenever it's most convenient for YOU!

​✔️ Don't waste time in the gym - get results fast with 30-45 minute workouts

​✔️ Build your confidence - look good in (or out) of your clothes

​✔️ Quit stressing about junk food - put the calories to use instead of beating yourself up!

​✔️ Personal and Professional Coaching for less than $7 a week!

Instead of stressing about
how not to eat all the calories, just put
them to use building the
butt you want!


Use this program to burn calories, build a sculpted lower body, and learn to make your health and fitness a priority! Then after you get into a good routine, you can work on a more healthful and wholesome diet. 

Man or woman, we all wanna have a good booty.  Sign up for THE GLUTE SHOP and get moving toward your goals. 


* after you purchase the program you will get an invitation for download our fitness app. 

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