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Guiding adventure junkies back to their best selves so they can enjoy the journey + live their bucket list lives.

Meet Courtney 


Courtney is a mom, small business owner, military wife, hunter, host of the Soul Summit Podcast, registered Oregon Guide, and advocate for women in the outdoors.


She lives and breathes by the philosophy that we all hold the power to make choices that lead us to a happy healthy life. Courtney's mission is to help you see your potential and encourage you to go out and live your bucket list life!

Courtney spent 20 years as a Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutritionist who worked with her clients through a total mind-body approach.

Now, her mission is to bridge the gap for women in the outdoors creating community through camps and events.

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Women's Outdoor Events + Camps


Her Outdoor Journey camps and events is a place where women come together to learn, grow, build friendships and gain confidence with like-minded ladies.

So many times we've heard women say they feel intimidated to even shoot a bow because they don’t always feel welcome in archery shops. Others don’t have anyone to teach them and want to find other women who share the same passion for the outdoors.

And, Courtney know exactly how they felt. She was that girl too.

So, in 2017 she went to work creating events that bring women together.


Common ground to bridge the gap for ladies that love the outdoors and want to hunt with confidence. 

Here's to all the women who have taken the leap and dove head first into these camps! Watching the friendships the women have made and your confidence soar is an absolute honor to be apart of here at Her Outdoor Journey!


Not to mention, the amount of women who applied what they learned in the field and tagged out on some pretty rad “first kills” with their bow was the icing on the cake!

Soul Summit Podcast

Welcome to the Soul Summit Podcast - a place for outdoorsmen and women to connect and grow.


We‘ll be sharing a mix of interviews from an incredible lineup of inspiring guests. Our mission is to bridge the gap for women in the outdoors, build a community of adventure junkies, and roll out your weekly dose of positive vibes.


With almost two decades in the health and fitness world, and an untamable passion for hunting and the outdoors, we want to help you live your bucket list life, and move boldly in the direction of your dreams!

Find the Soul Summit Podcast on all major podcast apps and now streaming on CarbonTV.

Her Outdoor Journey Films

Courtney is on a mission to share fun, raw, empowering and inspiring moments to encourage you to go take on YOUR bucket list adventures!


From hunting across the west to sharing family trips in the mountains, women's events, and fishing, we hope the experiences shared here help inspire you

to get out and explore!


Tune into watch alongside us as we make unforgettable memories in the outdoors!

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