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EP 010 - Living The Hunt

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Have you ever walked into an archery shop in need of new gear and been intimidated by what to choose? I know I have and for every one piece of gear you need there are so many options- it can easily make your head spin. 

In today’s episode I sit down with Sarah Laughter at the Western Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City to talk about choosing arrows, finding what works for you, growing up hunting, the 

Total Archery Challenge, and our favorite SITKA women’s pieces.   

Sarah is a long time hunter and still spends Fall in the mountains hunting along side her family. From hunting big game in Utah, to exotics in Texas, this girl get's it done. Sarah is immersed in the hunting world, works for Easton Archery HQ in Utah, and understands how choosing arrows can be intimidating, especially for a new archers.  

Growing up with only hand-me-downs, Sarah and I can  definitely relate - always fighting too big, too baggy, bunched up, and never comfortable. SITKA listened to the needs and feedback of women in the field, and stepped up to tackle a solid, functional, and kick ass women’s camo line. From waterfowl to big game SITKA has us covered.  

We touch on several topics in this episode and I hope you find nuggets of helpful information, and confidence to make the beat decisions for your next hunt.   

Find more from Sarah on Instagram or Facebook.   Want more Her Inspired Journey? Head over to our site and check out other episodes, and our Ladies Bowhunter Fitness Training Program. *Use code 'TIMETOBUILD' to save $110 at checkout!

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