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How about tropical vacation meets women's archery camp and

axis deer bow hunt?!

From beginner archer to advanced bowhunter, this 7-day women's retreat and extensive course work will help each person uncover, refine, and own their shot process giving you 100% confidence in your capabilities as a bowhunter!

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Pack your bags and get ready for this unforgettable Hawaii Archery Camp + Bowhunting Adventure in Maui!
This all inclusive experience is for women looking to build their confidence as a bowhunter through our hands on skill-building lessons and shooting clinics with your professional guides and shooting coaches.

After arriving in Maui we will spend the next 7 days with a small group of passionate women who share your love and excitement for hunting and the outdoors! 

This unforgettable adventure will start with our foundational Archery 101 course work covering all things archery!

We’ll spend the first few days uncovering your confidence as a bowhunter while helping you own your shot process, build your shooting consistency, and getting you ready to hunt axis deer on the island!


We’ll be soaking up some of the most incredible parts of Maui, from the pristine beaches all the way up into to mountains and tranquility upcountry Maui has to offer!
So, are you ready to say YES to adventure this year, invest in YOU, and take the trip of a lifetime?


If you’re passionate about expanding your horizons as a bowhunter, want to find a tribe of women who will rally behind you, and an adventure that will fuel your soul, come join us! 

Our commitment throughout this entire experience is for you to grow in self confidence, rediscover a strength inside of you that promotes healing and empowerment in every area of your life!


This small group of 6 women plus your two dedicated guides (Courtney and Marina) will be the catalyst for you to refill your cup, empower yourself, and press the reset button in your life!

You may walk into this opportunity as strangers but you will most certainly leave with a sisterhood and friendships that will change your life and perspective! 

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What can I expect on this Women's Hawaii Archery Camp + Bowhunting Adventure?


  • Transportation once you arrive in Kahului

  • Lodging in our cozy home with full accommodations

  • All meals, coffee, and tea

  • Archery education and shooting fundamentals to help increase your archery skills and confidence (for beginners to advanced)

  • Group axis deer hunts (3 hunters/ 1 guide)

  • Butchery and break down of animals

  • Meat processing and prep for you to bring your wild game home (upon successful harvest)

  • Learning some of Hawaii’s endemic and non-endemic flora and fauna

  • Discussing what conservation is and why it’s important for sustainability 

  • Personal growth and journaling workbook (we want you to go home with a full cup and a renewed energy)

  • Beach time to unwind

  • Time to explore the island of Maui (you will have one full free day to explore or DIY hunt with a small group if you choose)

  • Last night group outing is a big SURPRISE (you won't want to miss out!)

  • Take home swag bag from top hunting companies 

  • and so much more!

For full details, questions, and information please check out the FAQ section below!


Meet Your Guides


Marina S. Treese

Founder - Axis Sustainability

With her unwavering passion for the outdoors, Marina combines conservation expertise with avid stewardship of the land. Her enthusiasm for sustainability led her to a subsistence-based lifestyle that prioritizes education and proficiency.


As a registered guide, Marina's mission is to inspire future generations through encouragement and confidence to pursue a life filled with adventure, resilience, and taking care of the things we love.

Through her businesses Axis Sustainability LLC and Mountain Wanderess Designs, she promotes healthy ecosystem management with a focus on ethical bowhunting, food security, and artisan products made with natural materials. 

Courtney Prete

Founder - Her Outdoor Journey

Courtney is a mom, business owner, military wife, avid hunter, host of the Soul Summit Podcast, registered guide, and passionate advocate for women in the outdoors!


For the last six years Courtney's mission has been to bridge the gap for women in the hunting world by creating a safe space to learn, while cultivating lifetime friendships through HER OUTDOOR JOURNEY camps and events.

Courtney's drive is fueled by helping you see your potential and encouraging you to go out and live your bucket list life!




the experience


With a passion for bringing women together, focus on sustainable conservation practices, a vast knowledge of archery and the game rich environment of Hawaii, these women's retreats truly are a once in a lifetime experience.


You can expect not only to leave years ahead in your journey to becoming a better bow hunter, but with a sense of empowerment as you build your outdoor skills, and a sisterhood like no other!

This 7-day retreat will be a mix of archery, hunting, connection, adventure, good food, new friends, and self growth!

growth + connection

Come for the hunting, skill building, and adventure and leave with a new sense of confidence, empowerment, and fuel from within. 

Each lady will be supported, encouraged, and inspired to step into their power, own their journey in the outdoors, and leave with a newfound tenacity to purse big dreams!


Not only will we focus on increasing your bowhunting knowledge but we will also spend time leaning into self growth, gratitude, meditation, and time of reflection!

For those seeking time to unwind feel free to grab a journal or book and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, singing birds, and island views from our stunning home.

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the hunt


Following our range time helping each woman tune their shot process with proficiency and confidence, we will head to the field to hunt.


The two primary methods for axis deer hunting will be ambush style and spot and stalk. Axis deer are incredibly alert animals and attuned to the slightest movement and smell. We will cover the fundamentals of hunting these stunning and elusive animals, as well as tips for success along the way.


Our group of six hunters will be split between the two hunting guides, as we navigate the gorgeous Maui landscape. There will be ample opportunities for harvest potential and your guides will be there to support you throughout the process. 

the land

The island of Maui is an incredibly special place. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to hunt multiple private land properties for this experience. Primarily we will be hunting amongst picturesque rolling gulches and prickly pear cactus on the lower mountainside of Haleakalā.


Maui is home to a plethora of endemic plant and animal species such as “pueo” (native owl), “’ohi’a lehua”: (flowering evergreen tree), and the “’alawῑ” (Hawaiian honey creeper). Keep your eyes peeled to spot some of these and many other one-of-a-kind species found only in Hawaii!


Conditions vary depending on the year, expect warm weather and variable terrain with a combination of beautiful red dirt, lava rock, keawe trees, and weather worn rocky gulches. Axis deer are highly adaptive animals and the terrain gives us excellent opportunities for camouflage and stealth.



BookG2hawaiiheaderimage (Facebook Post) (1).png


Just 22 minutes from the airport, this stunning home on 2 acres is tucked away in the mountains near Makawao! Enjoy the serene views, warm air, and sunshine in this peaceful home with full accommodations. Our 4 bedroom, 3 bath house with AC, WiFi, washer and dryer, full kitchen and gorgeous landscape will be our home away from home on this bucket list adventure! 




"The friendships you come away with from Courtneys camps are a sisterhood you never knew you needed. I’ve formed the most beautiful relationships with women across the country and I’m a better person myself because of them. They’ll walk through fires with you, laugh with you, and love you unconditionally.


Go for the knowledge and expertise, leave with a fuller heart and a soul lit on fire!!”

Khyrstyne K., Califorina 


Hawaii Archery Camp + Bowhunting

Adventure FAQs

Where will I fly into?
You will fly into Kahului Airport, OGG. All transportation to and from the airport will be facilitated for you unless you choose to extend your time in Hawaii.

What are the dates?
Fly into OGG, May 10th, 2024. Returning flight home May 17th, 2024.

What can I expect on this Women's Hawaii Archery Camp + Bowhunting Adventure?


  • Transportation once you arrive in Kahului

  • Lodging in our cozy home with full accommodations

  • All meals, coffee, and tea

  • Archery education and shooting fundamentals to help increase your archery skills and confidence (for beginners to advanced)

  • Group axis deer hunts (3 hunters/ 1 guide)

  • Butchery and break down of animals

  • Learning some of Hawaii’s endemic and non-endemic flora and fauna

  • Discussing what conservation is and why it’s important for sustainability 

  • Personal growth and journaling workbook (we want you to go home with a full cup and a renewed energy)

  • Beach time to unwind

  • Time to explore the island of Maui (you will have one full free day to explore)

  • Last night group outing is a big SURPRISE (you won't want to miss out!)

  • Take home swag bag from top hunting companies 

  • and so much more!


Who will pick me up?
You will be picked up from the airport by your private guides Courtney Prete and or Marina

Do I need to pack anything special for the trip?
A detailed packing list will be emailed to you after registration with everything you will need for
your epic adventure in Hawaii. But, here is an overview of what you will need:

- personal hygiene products
- any supplements or medication needed
- some street clothes/ beach day attire for the last day of the adventure
- hunting attire/ camo - light weight for the most part, think breathable
- comfortable hiking boots (Please don’t buy new boots and wear them for the first time on
this trip. If you are buying new boots please wear them in for a few weeks before the trip
to avoid blisters).
- gators are recommended
- binoculars
- bino harness (recommended)
- range finder
- bow/ quiver
- 12 x Arrows minimum
- 12 x Broad-heads
- field points
- backup archery supplies
- knife
- wind detector
- jacket and layers (it’s Hawaii but we may have cool mornings)
- hat
- day pack
- reusable water bottle/bladder

- REEF Safe sunscreen

- Biodegradable products where possible, especially for any time in the ocean. No Aerosols. Try to avoid as much single use plastic as possible (ie flats of small Costco water bottles, etc.).


Can I join this bowhunting retreat if I am a new bowhunter?

Yes, you absolutely can! We will kick off this adventure with some dedicated time with your professional bowhunting educators to help you gain confidence with your bow and own every part of your shot process! 

Can I attend if I shoot a recurve? 

Yes, you can! 

What is the legal draw weight for bowhunting in Hawaii?

30lbs for compound bows, 35lbs for recurve bows, and 40lbs for longbows.


What will be done with the harvested animals and can I bring my wild game meat back
home with me?

Animals harvested will be brought processed and dressed for consumption during the retreat or
for you to take home if you wish. Any remaining game meat you do not take home will be
donated to local charity for families in need or can also be shared with other members of the
group. Nothing will go to waste!

How do I fly with meat?
We recommend a lightweight (not YETI or similar, they're heavy) cooler to fly your frozen meat home. A cooler can be purchased at Walmart in Maui. Most airlines allow up to 50# as a checked bag. Please check
with your airline for any special requirements or additional baggage charges.

Will there be any additional charges?
You will be responsible for covering the cost of the following; retreat registration, airfare to and
from Maui, checked luggage, any taxidermy work you would like to have done on your game
animals (see price list on the bottom of this page), gratuities for your guides, any additional food and beverages you would like, and any additional lodging if you choose to extend your stay outside of your group’s dates.

Do I need a valid hunter’s education card and a hunting license to hunt Hawaii?
Yes, you must either be a Hawaii residents born prior to January 01, 1972 with proof of a
Hawaii Hunting License prior to 1990; or a non-residents who has completed a basic hunter
education certification course in another state, Canadian province, or other country that has a
course recognized by the International Hunter Education Association).

This is an easy process and you can submit the Exemption Request Form online. After doing so you can purchase your hunting license. No tags or additional permits are required.

Are there any physical requirements for this trip?
Yes, we ask that you come with a intermediate fitness level, and the ability to hike 3-4 miles per
day over varying terrain carrying your bow and backpack. We may ask you to rate your fitness
level from 1-5 so we can match you with others of a similar fitness level during this hunt.

What are the lodging arrangements like?

We will be staying in a beautiful 2,400 sq ft, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home upcountry in the beautiful hills near Makawao. This stunning home with full accommodations, jacuzzi, AC, WiFi, washer/ dryer overlooks the sprawling ocean below while living among the mountains. There are plenty of serene places spread around the home and property for those who want a place of solitude to rest, meditate, connect with others, or even journal about your many adventures shared during your stay. 

How many other ladies will be in each camp?

Each group will have 6 hunters and we will break into two groups with three hunters and one guide while hunting. 


What hunting methods will we be implementing on the hunt?

We will spot and stalk hunting with your guide. 

What hours will be expected to participate in daily?

You can expect to be woken up at approx 5:30am. If you are not an early riser we suggest setting your alarm early for a week before your retreat to get into the habit of an earlier start. We aim to be in bed each night no later than 9:30pm to allow for a good night sleep so you are fresh each morning. We will always prioritize a healthy amount of sleep to help you keep up with the full days of adventure and fun!

What is the alcohol policy on the hunting portion of the trip?
We ask that you please do not consume alcohol during the hunting portion of the retreat as we
need your mind to be clear and your body fit for target practice and hunting. We want you to be
in control of your mind, body and breath. Take advantage of this detox from alcohol, social media, processed foods and the stresses of life!


Where will we be hunting?
Hunting opportunities will consist of various private land access points and set up. Most hunting
will be ambush style and or spot and stalk. These deer move often and often travel more like elk
than deer. We will learn behavior and accommodate your desired hunting style, given experience and goals.


What animals will we be hunting? 

We will be hunting axis deer. You can harvest a deer of either sex and there is no bag limit axis deerIf you choose to do so you can DIY hunt for axis deer and wild goats on our free day. 


Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, you will have the option to shop at the local grocery store and buy your own food, drinks, and snacks but note that daily meals and non- alcoholic beverages will be provided for you. 

What is the total cost of the Hawaii Archery Camp + Bow Hunting Adventure and what
is the payment schedule?

TOTAL COST: $5,497. You’re responsible for the $2,748 deposit upon booking and the
remaining $2,748 Due by April 1st, 2024 (your final payment of $2,748 can be made with a
credit card, checking account, Venmo, or PayPal). If you would like to pay in full at time of booking, email us at 

Will I be charged interest or any fees for not paying in full?
No, we are happy to split the total cost into a deposit and balance payment!! No fees, just come
and have the time of your life! We are so proud of you for investing in yourself and doing the things that excite you - this is going to be the trip of a lifetime!

What if I want to pay in full?
We are happy to work with you if you want to pay in full! Please email us at to make this arrangement.

What is the refund and cancellation policy?

At the time of booking a 50% deposit is required. The remaining 50% balance is due on or
before April 1, 2024. No refunds, cancellations, or credits will be offered for this trip. If you are
unable to make the trip for any reason you are able to transfer your deposit to another lady.
In the unlikely event that your guides have to cancel the trip, you will receive a full refund.

Why are only women invited on this trip?

Part of the mission and vision that builds our camps is to bridge the gap for women in the outdoors. These camps and events allow women a common ground where they are able to connect and ignite powerful bonds! These inspiring small events are outlined to build confidence in yourself while being supported by women just like you!

Will there be co-ed trips in the future?

YES! We are working on adding more camps to our lineup! If you have a special request or an
event you’d like to have designed around your bucket list idea, send me an email at Bachelorette party? 50th birthday? Team building retreat?
Get a hold of us for a free consultation!


BookG2hawaiiheaderimage (Facebook Post) (1).png


hawaiitaxidermy (1).png

Taxidermy work is optional. If you choose to have your animal preserved for taxidermy, here is an overview of the cost. Upon successful harvest you will be put in contact with the appropriate person based on what you would like done with your animal.

  • tanned hide $300

  • euro $275

  • pillow $99

  • deer shoulder mount $900

  • deer pedestal mount $1,000

  • goat or sheep mount $800

  • additional options available 

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