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EP 036 - 10 Ways To Be More Productive

I guarantee we all want to be as productive in a day as possible... unless it's Sunday, then maybe a good ole' lazy day is in order!

In this episode, I give you 10 actionable tips for being productive, getting more accomplished, and moving the needle in your life.

This quick hitter episode covers:

1 - stop making excuses

2 - manage your time

3 - limit your distractions

4 - use a schedule

5 - don’t negotiate

6 - don’t say yes to everything

7- make time for yourself

8 - use a to-do list

9 - set goals

10 - become a morning person

I hope that this helps guide your next moves, and allows you to build the momentum to success you're after! Find the full episode here:

As always be sure to head over and check out the Women of WA project, including this week's article, 5 Moves to Build Toned Arms Fast.

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