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2019 Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for gift-giving and holiday cheer, but not knowing what to give can really kill the buzz. With so many new gizmos and gadgets every year, it can be hard to know what’s worth the money, what will hold up to the test, and what should make the list.

Let’s save you some of the struggles and take you right to my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.

Truly one of my favorite new buys of 2019 was the SITKA Fanatic Hoodie. This ¼ zip is one of the most comfortable layers I’ve ever owned. From its durability in the field, warmth during a cold front, and casual everyday look, it makes a great addition to your hunting gear or goes perfect with jeans.

Find it here

SITKA Gear Fanatic Hoodie

If you know anything about me, you understand that planning and organization are vital in staying productive, raising the bar, and hitting goals. Recently I discovered Passion Planner after being recommended by a well-known business coach, and let me just say I will be using this thing religiously in 2020. If you're buying a gift for someone with big plans for the future, this is a must buy.

Find it here

Passion Planner

My bookshelf get’s bigger and bigger every year, and as somewhat of a self-proclaimed book nerd, I have to say, EVERYONE needs this one book. I came about the audio version of Everything is Figuroutable when it first released and immediately knew I also needed the hardback. There are more nuggets of wisdom in this book than I can even express. In fact, be sure to buy two copies, one for the person on your list and one for you.

Find it here

Everything is Figuroutable

Does your gift buddy like to capture life on camera? Steady things up and add some flare with a Go-Pro Gimble. These super affordable tech tools are easy to use and step up any Go- Pro game. Whether they plan to film daily life, hunting, sports, or vlog, this will be a well-received gift. Not to mention the ease of use has those who are behind the tech like me curve, like me, keeping pace.

Find it here

Go Pro Gimble

Everyone can put a good knife to use. From a precisely cut avocado to skinning your harvest, a good knife can save a whole lot of heartache. Although I don’t have the Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter Family knife for myself yet, hint hint, hello Benchmade, I did get to see it in person at the G4 Archery. It’s definitely on my list, and maybe it will end up on yours.

Find it here

Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter

Need a couple of smaller items? Don’t overlook the fun stocking stuffers that will earn you big points. Heres a list of what I’d want to show up in my stocking.

Dark Timber Vapor Trail packs - the amount of goodness these convenient little packs bring will blow your mind, so you better grab yourself some while you’re at it. And a big bonus, they give 10% of sales back to conservation. That’s a big bonus, especially if your buying for an outdoorsman.

Find them here

Dark Timber Vapor Packs

Darn Tough Socks - who doesn’t need new socks for Christmas, especially when they’re Darn Tough? Jam a pair or two of these into that stocking, and you’ll be on the nice list for sure. Regardless of daily wear, or for your next outdoor adventure, they’ll be sure to keep your feet happy.

Find them here

Darn Tough Socks

Spend lots of time in the outdoors? One gear item that has come in super handy is a glassing pad. This super lightweight pad can make a big difference on long days behind your optics, or save you from a wet toosh when the conditions aren’t great. It also comes in handy for unexpected glissading adventures.

Find it here

Glassing Pad

Just remember gift-giving should be fun. Take the pressure off and enjoy giving your outdoorsman some cool new gear, the best in comforts, or sweet must-haves.

Need one more thing? How about some of our Her Inspired Apparel? All items are on sale until December 20th - check them out here.

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