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7 Tips - Fitness Doesn't Have to be Fancy

So many times, I’ve personally felt the pressure of “making enough time.” For work, chores, self-care, friends, family. All of us have the same 24 hours in a day, but I think many can agree it’s hard to get it all done!

One area that I know can be hard to “make time for” is fitness, and if I’m frank, not having time is the most commonly used excuse.

Here’s the deal; it doesn’t have to take that much time. It’s not required that you spend 60+ minutes in a gym battling for machines with a bunch of other sweaty people. You don’t even have to carve out a consecutive 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to move your body.

The great thing about time is that we all have the choice of what we do with it.

Because I know that you want to feel confident, have sustained daily energy, and look good naked (yes, we all want to!), try this new fitness approach.

#1 let go of expectations - I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will remind you, we are all different. Don’t worry about Debbie from your FB group; focus on you. Leave expectations (especially if you struggle with positive self-talk) at the door. Just move.

#2 be an opportunist - Look for those 3-5 minutes windows of “downtime” throughout the day and get to groovin. Use those free minutes to do some walking lunges, squats, push-ups, curls, tricep dips, or even go for a short walk. *This is also a great time to drink some water!

#3 keep it short - Don’t worry about getting in long-duration exercise, and don’t overwhelm yourself with too much at one time. Quick bursts of movement can increase your metabolism, help build strength, increase energy, and improve your mood.

#4 do it daily - Make this a new habit and add these strategies in every stinkin day! No skipping, forgetting or passing it up.

#5 take it outside - When and where possible, get out. The fresh air and sound of nature will help you recharge. Take a walk, move with the dog, kids, or a friend.

#6 get creative - Keep an eye out for opportunity. Parks and common community areas are a great place to get a workout!

#7 don’t negotiate - Consistency will help you get into a routine and have you seeing the results of your effort! That means even if you aren’t feeling it, do it!

The most important thing to remember is that this is meant to be helpful, don’t add more pressure on yourself. Keep it fun, short, and push yourself to do more when you are able.

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