• Courtney LeVesque

Blood Origins and The Perception of Hunting

Do you know those kinds of people that come into your life and make you take a step or two back and check yourself? The powerful, positive, and inspiring humans who you know wholeheartedly were injected into your life to make you see the world through a different lens? Let me introduce you to my friend, Robbie.

Robbie recently joined me on my podcast, and it was such an insightful and rich conversation. I can't wait to share it with you. Robbie is a friend, hunter, thought-provoking conservationist, and storyteller.

Blood Origins is his revolutionary conservation project and short documentary films.

After meeting at Total Archery Challenge in Montana, Robbie quickly became like family. Later, in 2019, Robbie and one of his cameramen flew to my hometown and filmed 'my story.'

Blood Origins shares short documentaries of hunters and non-hunters alike. The mission behind Blood Origins is to tell the truth about hunting and help preserve our rights and freedoms as outdoorsmen and women.

The overarching goal and determination that both Robbie and the entire team convey is one that will inspire you to think deeper and assess your actions as a hunter.

I invite you to listen in to this episode and share it with other men and women, no matter if they come from a hunting background or not - there is something for everyone to learn!

Blood Origins is also working hard to fund pivotal conservation projects. For less than a cup of coffee, you can be a part of the change this world and community need. Find more on how you can help here.

Now get ready to tune in and soak up this episode - listen here or on your favorite podcast app.



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