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Coffee Float | A Delicious Pick Me Up

Did someone say COFFEE FLOAT?

Every once and a while you see a good title, name, or caption that gets your attention then fails to deliver awesomeness... this is NOT one of those moments!

I (accidentally) discovered something AMAZING this week, and I'm going to enlighten you.

Here's a snapshot backstory into the coffee float discovery: 5 days ago I started the 28 Day Reboot from Wilderness Athlete (a 28 Day get your $%&# together a program to reboot you physically, mentally, and nutritionally). For me, this was just what I needed to get out of the routine funk I felt like I was in.

Within this 28 day program, one of the weekly recommendations is to include their Meal Replacement Shake. Although it's good on its own, I was having a particularly sleepy day and naturally reached for the coffee.

Around the same time, I was supposed to have my MR shake, so I got creative.

I grabbed my blender and whipped together a scoop of MR Protein with about 6 ounces of organic coconut milk. Then I filled a large mason jar with ice, poured in the rest of the coffee I had brewed that morning and topped it with the whipped coconut MR Protein.

Then I gave myself a giant pat on the back cause I knew I was onto something revolutionary... at least in regards to a HEALTHY coffee option!

This packs about 20 grams of protein, the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, and satisfied any and all sweet cravings I may or may not have had!

I am so excited for you to try this and hear back from you! I really think this is GOLD.

You can probably get the same whipped amazingness by using other proteins, but if you're looking for one (mixes well, tastes great, and is a healthful balance of clean ingredients and macronutrients) I recommend Meal Replacement Protein.

*I used the vanilla option but the chocolate may be good also!

The key to this is to use just enough milk to make the protein/ milk mix creamy and on the thick side (note I used 6 ounces of organic coconut milk but you could use whatever you prefer).


6-8 oz milk of choice

8-10 oz cold coffee

1 scoop Wilderness Athlete Meal Replacement Protein (vanilla or chocolate)

1. Add milk and protein to a blender and mix until creamy and smooth. The more you mix the fluffier it will be.

2. Then add ice to your cup and pour in the coffee. Top your iced coffee with the creamy protein mixture and ENJOY!

If you crave something ice-cold, creamy delicious, and HEALTHY, this is a must-try for you, not average joes.
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