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Courtney's Elk Hunting Checklist

Getting ready for a hunt can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and a full-time job, especially when you throw in the excitement of the upcoming season and finalizing things around the house and office before you load the rig and hit the mountain. No one wants to pull into camp just to realize they forgot some of the hunt essentials, especially when they had thought about them 100 times, but “got busy” and left them sitting out.

Make planning your next hunt easier by using a list to keep you organized, and ready for anything. There may be somethings to add or subtract for your own personal needs, but as far as safety, gear, and the essentials go, you’ll be covered with my [Base Camp] Elk Hunt Check List.

Planning to head in and go off-grid? Use my [Backcountry] Elk Hunt Check List to make sure you leave nothing behind.

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