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Easy Rabbit Ravioli - Beka Garris

As someone who enjoys small game hunting, and rabbit in particular, I was extremely excited when an instagram friend sent me a recipe for rabbit ravioli. Most of the recipes I have made with rabbit, have been either slow cooked, baked, or smoked. This was something completely different! This recipe could easily be made with squirrel, pheasant, or even big game meat. I changed this a bit from the original recipe I was sent and you can choose to switch up the sauce and seasonings as well in order to truly make the recipe your own.


1 large cottontail, finely chopped or ground

1 beaten egg

1/4 cup parmesan cheese

fresh chopped parsley

salt, pepper and garlic to taste.

Wonton wrappers - 24 count

You may want to plan this recipe ahead of time, depending if you are going to grind or slow cook your rabbit. As I didn't feel like deboning the rabbit, I put the whole thing into my crock pot with a few cups of broth and some salt and pepper, and let it slow cook until the meat fell off the bones. I then picked the bones clean, and used my food processor to chop the meat into fine pieces. You want to end up with roughly a half pound of meat.

You can also choose to remove all the meat from the rabbit before cooking it, and run it through a meat grinder. This seemed like the long way in my opinion but it will all taste the same in the long run.

Once the meat has cooled slightly. add the egg, parmesan cheese, parley and any other herbs you like, and season with salt and pepper. I added a few teaspoons of minced garlic but that's also optional. The ingredients are simple, but pack a big flavor.

On parchment paper, lay out your wonton wrappers. You can also simply use a lightly floured surface if you don't have parchment paper. Scoop a teaspoon (roughly) of the meat mixture in the center of each wrapper.

Lightly brush the edges of the wrapper with water and fold over to form a triangle. Press the edges together to create a tight seal. This part is crucial as the filling will fall out if they aren't sealed.

You can choose to cook them immediately, refrigerate them until you are ready (Up to 24 hours in the refrigerator) or freeze them.

To freeze, simply lay the raviolis in a single layer on a baking sheet and freeze for an hour. Then, remove from the baking sheet and put in a container or plastic bag and place back in the freezer. I froze the ravioli as it made a lot!

When you're ready to cook your raviolis, drop them in boiling water for 3 minutes until they start to float. Then, carefully use a slotted spoon to remove them... they break easily if overcooked so you'll want to keep an eye on them.

Serve immediately, with extra parmesan and butter, or your favorite sauce

-Beka Garris

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