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EP 006 - Raise Em Outdoors

On this episode of the Her Inspired Journey Podcast I sit down with Erin Crooks, founder of the non profit organization Raise Em Outdoors to talk about the future generation of hunters, and how REO was created.

Erin grew up in a small town in Oregon, and was introduced at a young age to hunting, fishing and the outdoors. She even thought, after her life lead her to Kodiak, AK, that one day she would end up being a boat captain. Because of her journey she is passionate about not only introducing the next generation of outdoorsmen to hunting but also bridging the gap between families and the outdoors.

As a mom Erin opens up on how she balances her responsibilities, manages time, and how she stays true to her why - and let me tell you it was so reassuring to hear her perspective on finding that balance.

This is a great episode full of random nuggets of inspiration and encouragement for parents trying to navigate life, and dive into the outdoors with their kids in tow.

For more information or connect with Erin on facebook head to Raise Em Outdoors or find her on Instagram @raiseemoutdoors

This episode is sponsored by Nutrition Realigned, a holistic approach to living your best life. Use code 'HERINSPIRED' for 20% off nutrition and fitness services.

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