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EP 015 - Staying Passionate with Jessica Bond

You know what's awesome? Ladies who unapologetically follow their passions, and live their lives following the dreams in their souls. My guest on todays episode is a true inspiration, and I appreciate her love for life, the way she takes her dreams head on, and her fierce attitude when it comes to chasing down the things that she wants.

Jessica Bond and I set aside time to chat about hunting, and the undeniable passion for the outdoors, family, raising kids, starting business, and finding ourselves through the process.


There are times in life when we wade through the trenches, and often endure hardships that we can never fully understand, but it is in those times that soul searching, and figuring out what you're made of is so important for your future.


From the first time that I ran across this woman's Instagram profile I knew there was a spark in her that would continually inspire me, and I was right. Whether she is out on a hunt, or raising her daughter to be strong, and courageous, Jessica seems to carry around an undimmed light that encourages, and empowers others.

Tune into this episode and hear her story - I promise it will encourage you where you are at. 

Want more from Jessica? Connect with her on Instagram @mrsjessbond or on Facebook, Jessica Bond. You can also follow her on The Outsiders TV.

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