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EP 017 - Hungry For More

Does it get any better than putting wild game on the table? Guest Sara Gamache knows exactly what that’s all about, and has been putting food on the table since she was a youngster.

In today’s episode I catch up with Sara and chat about her hunts last Fall, a bit about growing up in a hunting family, and passing along the tradition of the hunt to her own kids.

As a business owner, mom, and military wife Sara has learned how to make the shuffle of life and hunting work together. In fact, Sara was so driven to fill her Washington Elk tag while her husband was deployed overseas that she hired a nanny so that she could hunt hard with a multi season tag to notch.

It was fun to catch up with her, especially when it came to reliving the hunt, as her passion and desire to hunt is evident and inspiring. Sara, talks about getting into archery, and her determination to continually seek out new adventure.

I couldn’t help but bring up the elephant in the room, especially considering her IG handle, @pnw_huntress , but I wanted to dive into the hot topic of “huntress” and the common attack it brings.

Follow Sara's adventures or connect with her on Facebook, Sara Gamache or on Instagram @pnw_huntress

You can also find more information on the Train To Hunt competition here.

This is a cool conversation with a true go getter -- tune in, and enjoy.

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