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EP 019 - That Food Life with Gina Shively

Do you ever see those food posts online that make you so hungry you have to stop what you're doing and get something to eat? My guest on today's show is a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen and her recipes ALWAYS make me hungry!

On this episode Gina Shively and I talk about her drive for healthy food, feeding her family in a way that supports their growing bodies, and what's next on her list of hunts.

She was such a fun guest to chat with, and I already know we will be jumping into another podcast in the near future.

Hop over to her site and check out her wild game recipes, and definitely scope her sweet treats (with a healthy kick).

Find her online at Wild and Well Fed or on Instagram @wildwellfed

This episode is sponsored by Maven Built Optics and Her Inspired Fitness. Be sure to click the links and check out what they have going on.

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