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EP 020 - What is Alpha Bowhunting All About

You know who’s a badass? Caitlin Turner, that’s who. In today’s episode, I have the privilege of meeting up with her at the No Limits Archery shop in Denver after spending the weekend catching the Alpha Bowhunting Challenge.

I’ve never met someone who’s life, and story, sound so much like my own, but I truly felt connected with Caitlin and know so many others will be able to relate to her and her journey. From her path through some dark times to overcoming and finding her way, she's had a little bit of it all.

Together we recap the ABC event in Eagle, and what goes into the Alpha challenge, as well as online the course and what you can expect if you come to an event to participate, or spectate. I highly suggest both!

Caitlin's passion for learning, becoming the best version of herself, and rolling through life beside other strong people in the bowhunting community was a breath of fresh air and something I definitely want to be a part of.

Listen in, and be sure to check out the Alpha Bowhunting Challenge.

Connect with Caitlin on Instagram and on Facebook.

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