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EP 021- Northwest Ladies Range Day with Lora Varju

You know the kind of person who faces doubt and adversity then stands up taller and says, “watch me”. That’s exactly who my guest Lora Varju is, and I am honored to call her my friend.

From tough beginnings to following her passion, Lora decided she would make her way no matter what. Through it all, she has created a vision along the way where she can give back to others, and support those beginning their journey in archery and the outdoors.

Lora founded Northwest Ladies Rand Day a few years ago, and through hard work, and following her heart she has turned an idea into a foundation that brings hope and education to other women.

Hop into this episode and learn more about what NWLRD is all about.

Connect with Lora on Instagram, or on Facebook. You can also take a look at her membership site and see upcoming events here:

And if you want to find more events and information on the NW Mountain Challenge you can find it here,

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