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EP 032 - Q&A Your Questions Answered [pt1]

Are you ready for this? You asked and I answered. This episode is a powerhouse and really speaks on the topic of mindset, depression, and navigating life. If you are ready for some big truths, encouragement, and a hefty dose of, "YOU'VE GOT THIS" press play.

Next week, in part 2, I will be sitting down with some industry pros to answer your hunting, hiking, lifestyle and field questions! Have something you'd like to ask me? Head to my Instagram page, @herinspiredjourney, or send me an email at:

Also, if you've got goals, are looking to level up your life, and want some more encouragement throughout the week, BE SURE to head over to Wilderness Athlete and check out the resources coming your way weekly. The Women of WA project is all about getting you to the finish line, and motivating you along the way! Sign up here for all the free content.

**use code WOMENOFWA at checkout to save!

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