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EP 034 - Q&A Getting Personal [pt3] BONUS EPISODE

I know some of you are all about asking some more personal questions about my journey, and on this episode that is exactly what I cover. From hygiene in the backcountry to, getting started as a bowhunter, and building strength to draw more with my bow, there are lots of good tidbits in this episode.

Download and be apart of the conversation -- The Her Inspired Journey Podcast was created to support you on your journey. Be sure to tag me on social @herinspiredjuorney, or reach out to to chat.

Additional resources:

the boots I use; Crispi and Jagdhund

more with Caitlin Turner

Thanks for tuning in to this episode. For more Q&A topics be sure to check out episode EP 032 - Q&A Your Questions Answered [pt1]

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