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EP 035 - Stretching & Mobility

Has it ever happened to you? You head out on an adventure feeling pretty good about your overall fitness, and physical abilities, and then at some point on the trip you find a major weakness? I hope you said yes, ‘cause I sure have. (keep reading)

In this episode that's exactly what I talk about, as well as how I have found my flow again, and what I'm doing about it.

You may be experiencing some of the same signs as I was that my body was a little out of balance -- if so jump in and see how you can make the right changes.

Want to read more? Check out my article, Finding My Flow.

And for those of you who are new to the FOAM ROLLER game, find out what they are, how to use them, and the different kinds to choose from Steven here.

You can also check out the Daily Yoga App I use.

Thanks to Maven Built for supporting the show and changing the game when it comes to high-quality optics. Check out the new S.2 ultra-light spotting scope, back in stock now.

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