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EP 040 - Big Life Lessons with Tana Grenda

Let me just say, you won't want to miss this episode as guest Tana Grenda and I dive deep into big life lessons, hunting, being a foster parent, understanding your 'why', overcoming devastating obstacles and learning to navigate change.

If you are looking for a life-size dose of motivation, support, and encouragement, this episode will deliver.

Tana opens up and speaks about her and her husbands' struggle with infertility, how they've bonded despite the hurdle, and how their lives have been immensely blessed over their time together.

We also get to listen in on the story of her recent Alaska Brown Bear bow harvest and all the excitement and fulfillment it brought.

Connect with Tana and check out their hunting adventures on Instagram @tanasue_fit and YouTube, Stuck in the Rut.

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Find the full episode here:

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