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EP 041 - Big Bull Down with Jessica Portenier

Do you know what's exciting? The moment you get that "Big Bull Down" text from a friend who has put her heart and soul into filling her first archery tag. In this episode, Jessica relives the day she took her Roosevelt bull with her bow. From daily practice, learning how to use a diaphragm call, and gaining confidence in herself, Jess makes it happen.

I had the honor of meeting Jessica and her family early in 2019 at the Oregon Train To Hunt event in Ashland and I was quickly impressed by her go-getter attitude and willingness to improve in her weaknesses.

I got home and then next week got a text from her say, "I want to get stronger, and shoot better. Where do I start?" Since that day I have been lucky to bring her on as an online fitness training client and begin a friendship with her.

Listen in as she replays the story of how she capitalized on this opportunity and how this awesome moment has built her self confidence.

Connect with Jessica on Instagram and of course, shoot her a CONGRATS message on a job well done. You can also head over to her collaborative blog to read her story and see more pictures from the hunt at

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Find the full episode here:

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