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EP 049 - Year- End Review (part 1)

Are you ready for some real momentum in your life? Start with a Year-End Review that will uncover pivotal insight into who you are, and how you work, without beating yourself up.

I love this quote from Bill Gates, “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” but I think it goes way deeper than that.

With increased consumption of social media, surrounded by "influencers," and living in a world of comparing our lives to one another, staying in your lane is hard to do - even with the best intentions.

Let's begin the 2019 reflection and talk about some things that will help you move the needle in the new year:

What did you accomplish this year, and what served as a learning tool?

How to not tie the “didn’t happen” goals into a failure category.

Tips to overcoming the New Years' resolution mindset and working on growth instead of superficial benchmarks.

It's time to dive in, dig deep, and learn how you can use what you've done and where you've been to up your odds and cultivate success.

Download the printable Year-End Review Outline here. 

Find the full episode here:

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