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Overcoming Self Doubt in Any Season

we chat about how life during the pandemic has changed everything, including our mindset.

If you find yourself trying to navigate a new normal from homeschooling to goal setting, mindset, and more, this episode is for you.

Constance shares some of her tips for navigating the demands of work as a real estate agent, homeschool momma, and being the best parent she can be.

Every time I get together with this woman, I find my cup overflowing with positivity, hope, and love - I hope you soak it up also.

Find more from Constance at @livingfieldnotes on Instagram or check out the last episode she did with us on Episode 46 - The Hunt of a Lifetime where she shares her Bighorn Sheep hunt from our home state of Oregon.

As always, thank you for tuning into the Her Inspired Journey Podcast.

**today's episode was sponsored by Sawyer. Click the link to learn more about Lyme Disease Awareness month and how you can keep yourself, your family, and pets safe from ticks in the outdoors.

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