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Persistent but Flexible

Let’s take a minute to chat about how quick the ‘good vibe’, motivation, and new beginnings can be derailed - ‘cause we’re all gonna face it.

This morning I woke up and started grinding out my workout. New year, solid goals set, the vibe is high, I’m like “I’m ready to kill it”. Then from the other room, I hear the distinct sound of puking... yup. Barf all over my kitchen.

It IMMEDIATELY reminded me of how many times I’ve experienced or watched my clients face, those inevitable moments where the wrench shatters your best intentions. Maybe you forget your gym shoes and miss a workout, or you’re asked to work early and forget your food for the day, or maybe your family gets sick and you lose your drive to make time for yourself. You’ve been there, right?

It’s so easy to let a day or two off-track turns into a week, a month, year, or decade. It HAPPENS.

So, I just want to send a quick reminder to say, make this year about being PERSISTENT but FLEXIBLE. Don’t attach your motivation to what’s done or not done. Don’t tangle it into the hurdles and allow small, or sometimes BIG, bumps to derail. Every day a fresh pot of motivation and drive has to be brewed, my friends.

When you can’t find the trail make your own path.

Maybe that looks like missing a workout but keeping your diet on point. Or doing lunges down the hall while you deliver a clean puke bucket to your kid. Maybe it’s a hot bath and a good book at the end of a stressful day instead of a bottle of wine. Or an impromptu living room workout instead of making it to your group fitness class.

Small steps friends.

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