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Stepping into your Power | Part 2

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

A four part series that can enable you to make BIG changes!

Value yourself enough to nourish yourself mind, body, and soul.

Take excellent care of your body because it is the vessel through which you achieve great things! Little steps every day will add up so much more quickly than you may expect. Do something active every day, that doesn’t mean you have to “workout” every day, do move your body though. Go for a walk, take a yoga class, go for a bike ride, explore a new hike or revisit a favorite, lift weights, ride horses, play tennis, whatever it is that you will enjoy. Activity is only a portion of what taking care of your body means though. Drink water, a lot of it! Hydration is key to more brain power, sustained energy throughout the day, and healthy body tissue. When you’re adequately hydrated you will find yourself feeling much better and able to take on more. Nutrition is also key here! Your body needs macro and micronutrients to function normally. Depriving it of healthy, nutrient dense foods won’t serve you or your long-term goals. Her Inspired Fitness recently released The Nutrition Shop and if you’ve ever done one of Courtney’s courses you know they’re amazing. I love hearing that its heavily focused on making sustainable choices and from my understanding, developing a healthier relationship with food. I know for me personally, that alone has affected my health journey time and time again. Having a healthy relationship with yourself includes a healthy relationship with food.

Along the same lines as taking care of your body, have a “me” thing. A ritual that serves you physically but also mentally. Examples of this could include a great skincare routine, scented lotions after a shower, getting a straight razor shave, get creative. Remember this isn’t about your physical appearance, it’s about knowing you’re worth the effort and showing up for yourself. While you’re rubbing that luxurious moisturizer on your face look in the mirror and start telling yourself all the things you love about you, plus something you would like to believe about yourself. Positive affirmations can be so powerful and putting yourself in the mind set of abundance can really carry through the day. Guard your mind too. There is a lot going on in the world that does deserve attention but be sure that the media that’s inundating your space is healthy. Read books that challenge you, filter your social media to see the accounts that bring you joy and knowledge without adding stress to your day. Unfollow those accounts that cause you to compare and judge yourself in an unhealthy way.

Do some work learning all about yourself and what makes you tick. Learn your love language, your attachment style, your past trauma that still is forming that way you operate now and heal it! You must get uncomfortable here to grow, the same way a muscle gets sore after a workout. Do meditation and guided breathing, this can be a simple practice to weave into your day. Take 5 deep breaths at every stop light, on your breaks at work close your eyes and practice a few minutes of meditation. Breathe deeply while you’re sending arrows, learn to control your breathing for long distance shots, go for a walk and find a quiet place to sit, or lay on your living room floor while the kids are sleeping and YouTube a guided meditation.

Lastly take care of your soul, that part of you where creativity and compassion flows from. If you’re religious, dive into the word. Prayer can be very much like a state of meditation. Volunteer work is another way to nourish your soul, putting good into the world will always make you feel better. Do this without bragging, without expectation, and without judgement.

You’ll notice that all three of these areas really flow into one another. When I ride horses, I’m taking care of my body by being active. I’m taking care of my mind by connecting with another being and letting go of the stresses of the day. I am also taking care of my soul by creating an experience that allows me to connect with my higher power. I’ve never felt closer to God than when I’m riding a 1200lb animal. Hunting offers all the same benefits while potentially providing meat to also nourish your body. It can be the full circle of self-care.

-Kimberly Siegal

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