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Upper Body Band Work

Bands are one of those amazingly diverse pieces of gym equipment, and if you read, Build Your Home Gym for Under $100, you’d see they are my #1 recommendation. Because bands are nearly weightless, they don’t take up space, and you can take them everywhere you go - there are never any reasons to miss a workout.

You can use looped bands, bands with handles, or your basic therapy bands. No matter what you choose, there are lots of ways to use them to build a strong and capable body.

In this video, I will show you six moves with additional variations to keep your upper body strong, lean, and handlin business. From the living room, a workout studio, outdoors, or even from the camp group, these moves will get you that burn you’re looking for.

Now you have the moves, what next?

Aim to add these chiseling upper body movements in a few times a week, or in addition to your regular training program. Per the usual, be sure to focus on proper form, maintaining a supportive core, and push yourself, just like if someone were watching or you were in your favorite group fitness class.

If you have access to other equipment, feel free to interchange dumbbells, or barbells to add some variety and make gains! Keep working on those goal envy arms.

Training Recommendation:

6+ Movements X 30 seconds each X 3-5 rounds

You can also add in cardio bursts in between each exercise. Try running stairs, doing burpees, step-ups, walking/ running, jump rope, etc.

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