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Venison Heart Poppers

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Ok, there is no hiding it... I have a serious addiction to poppers. If they can be made with a unique flair or ingredient I am ALL IN on giving it a go. So, it was no surprise that on Thanksgiving I was going to arrive at my parents for dinner with a giant tray of them.

I got to thinking the week before about how I could show up with them, again, but add a different kick to them. Then it came to me, add thinly cut, perfectly seasoned slices of venison heart to them. This was a light bulb moment everyone got to enjoy! #winning

Although this recipe is close to the Bear Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers recipe I posted not too long ago this delicious and often overlooked organ meat added the perfect flavor profile as well as some more protein and vital nutrients to the appetizer.

Venison Heart Poppers


½ venison (or other game) heart sliced into small strips

¾ package of cream cheese

2 sprigs of green onion

Three jalapeno peppers (cut in half and seeded)

Six pieces of bacon

4 Tbsp flour of choice (I prefer organic stone wheat)

Garlic salt, and seasoning to taste (get creative here)


1. Begin by cutting and seeding jalapenos, heart, and trimming and chopping green onions.

2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

3. Add the cream cheese into a bowl or pan and soften on low heat.

4. Add the chopped green onions to the cream cheese and mix together.

5. Fill the sliced jalapeños with the cream cheese mixture evenly without adding so much that it melts and runs out of the jalapeno.

6. Add the flour and seasonings to a bowl and roll the heart strips in it until they are evenly covered with the mixture.

7. Gently place a seasoned piece of the heart on the popper and then wrap a slice of bacon around the jalapeño. (you can use a toothpick to hold the bacon on while cooking if needed).

8. Place the popper on a baking sheet.

9. Bake for 15-18 minutes, or until bacon is cooked thoroughly.

tip: covering your baking sheet or pan makes clean up super quick and easy!

This recipe is incredibly easy to make, and depending on the jalapeno peppers that you buy, they can add a bit of a kick, or be mild enough for everyone to #enjoy

And, be sure if you make these or try your own version to send us a pic or tag us on social with #HERinspiredEATS

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