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Wild Inspired Meals on a Budget

I am joined on this episode of the Her Inspired Journey Podcast by my badass friend, Gina Shively.

We have recently joined forces to put our love for food, passion for helping others, and knowledge in the kitchen to work!

Planning dinner, making a list, and executing a grocery shopping trip isn't as easy as it should be. In fact, meal planning alone is a chore that keeps many people from hitting their health and fitness goals.

Listen in as Gina and I outline tips for easing the chore of meal prep, and of course, talk about our collaboration, Wild Inspired Meals on a Budget.

Find today's full episode here.

We are here to help simplify your time in the kitchen, ease the time you spend planning meals, and stretch your food budget the farthest!

Find more details on the 6 Week Meal Plan here, and be sure to rewind to catch Gina's other interviews on the show!

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