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7 Important Tips to Combat Stress in 2021

Stop the stressing already! "It'll all be ok."

Okay, I know without a doubt, putting on a smile when life is particularly salty is HARD. And I also know there are a lot of times when hearing someone say, "it'll be ok" just doesn't offer any kind of actual help. But, there is a way to move through the stress.

Are you spending more time brewing on the trash 2020 unfolded or worrying about what will come next? Do your friends and family refer to you as the "overthinker"? Do you feel like no matter what you do, try, or think, life keeps throwing those wrenches?

If your answer is YES, you aren’t alone!

It’s easy to find ourselves more attune to the worries in life than actually living our best lives - I feel that 100%

Studies show women are more likely to be caught up in overthinking patterns than men, which means that we can find ourselves missing out on what’s right in front of us. #thegoodstuff

Here are a few mindset tips to stay in the present and redirect to enjoying life, no matter what fastball may come next.

#1 Protect your mental space.

Getting "caught up" in the social debates, political arguments, or stresses of life can happen quickly. Limit your time engaging in areas that don’t bring positivity, refill your cup, or help you grow - that means social media too! The comparison game this day and age has bred can create a lot of distressed thinking and negative patterns.

#2 Give back.

Find a cause or a group that needs a helping hand and get involved. Chances are there are projects in your community that could use help and giving back to our society (especially to those in need) that can be a uniting way to gain a positive perspective. I'll be the first to admit when I am feeling pity for my own life or situation, helping others who are likely facing worse brings me back to the ground.

* I want to take a minute to say, I also do not believe that our sadness, stress, or struggles need to be qualified. Yes, someone may be enduring worse, but that does not mean your hurdles aren't valid or real.

#3 Limit your decision-making.

Outlining your week from food and meal prep to a daily wardrobe can free up the mental space of decisions. You have enough going on, find a routine that suits you, and stick with it for a while.

#4 Don’t sweat the small stuff.

We will all face trials that are out of our control. If you bump into one, assess if there is anything you can do to take action and make a change. If not, let it go. Don’t spin your wheels on things outside of your control! (I'm spending a lot of time here lately - just a reminder to all of us, this is a daily practice).

#5 Trust your gut.

We are born with an internal "intuition" that gets even stronger over time. Trust that gut feeling and stop second-guessing your decisions. Although our brains are designed to predict and protect, your initial reaction is usually the best.

Finding yourself more in line with your present life and less caught up in the worry of the past, or future, won’t be an overnight switch. Stay consistent with redirecting your focus and intention.

#6 Move your ass.

Seriously, there is no way to sugarcoat this. MOVE! Getting outside and moving your body is the best possible way to burn off the stress building up. Can’t get OUT? That’s ok! Move inside. Bonus points if the activity is something you love to do!

#7 Tune in.

Music can be a game-changer for your mental outlook and overwhelm. Turn on some good music and focus on the positive things in your life. This can be a good time to do some guided introspection and journaling - or dancing!

Remember friends, life has some unruly seasons. Some are busy, some are hard, some require a lot of mental fortitude and resilience, and some are just downright crappy. Tap into where you are daily, and know that you can take action to improve. Although the relief you hope for may not come as quickly as you would like, it will come.

Crush the day, y'all, and if you need me, reach out here.

P.S. If you need a mental boost (especially in the focus department), try Edge. This powerful (and natural) nootropic will help you stay laser-sharp mentally and physically. Enter NOEXCUSES at checkout to save!

For those of you needing to limit the anxiousness and focus in, check out At Ease - this is my go-to when I start unraveling!

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