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Cinnamon Coconut Cream

If you’re anything like me, coffee is one of those things I can’t “live without.”

Well, I say that, but I have to admit there are those random occasions that I do go without, and then I’m in a bit of a panic about when I get my next fix. Yes, I am as bad as it sounds and a total coffee addict, but I guarantee that you and I are probably in the same boat if you're reading this.

The whole “coffee routine” for me has a lot to do with the habit and a lot to do with the creamy goodness it offers me in the morning. You can see more about my Coffee Ritual here.

I’ve previously also posted a recipe for Homemade Coconut Creamer, but the recipe here is a bit more simple, requiring fewer ingredients, no cooking, and offers an even creamier deliciousness.

Cinnamon Coconut Cream


1 can (5.4 oz) of Organic Coconut Cream

1 TBSP Cinnamon

1- 2 TBSP Organic Agave (or sweetener of choice)

5 oz water

If you follow a Keto diet, you can omit or reduce the sweetener and add in MCT oil or powder. Here is the link to the MCT powder I use: Wild C8.


1. Put all ingredients into a blender or shaker cup if you don’t have a blender and mix well.

2. Refrigerate and keep in the fridge for 5-6 days.

3. Shake before use as the cream may separate.

It’s as simple as that! Don’t let it fool you, though when you blend it into your coffee, it’s oh so good!

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