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EP 022 - Catchin Up with Kayla Nevius

Another week, another episode. On today’s show, I have the pleasure of catchin up with Kayla Nevius - badass, motivator, and outdoorsman. This California girl is hungry for adventure and is always out taking on something awesome. In fact, the first time I came across Kayla on IG she had just shared a clip from a deer hunt in CA and captured her reaction, and excitement after the shot - I immediately got hooked.

Listen in as we discuss life, mindset, hunting, fishing and our shared love of fitness and health. I have some deep-rooted connection with this woman and admire her positive outlook on life, goals, and specifically facing "set back".

When I reached out at the beginning of the year to set up an interview with her I was blown away by her response to some of the guest questions I sent her, and I knew immediately she had the mindset of a warrior. Kayla is someone who focuses on LIVING life and fulfilling her soul by following her dreams, and always knowing NO MATTER WHAT there is good to seek, and enjoy.

Follow more from Kayla here on Instagram, or on Facebook - she is definitely someone that can keep you motivated and inspired.

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