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Exploring Aviation, Empowerment, and the Alaskan Outdoors with Melissa Castle

Step into the wild world of Alaska with our latest Soul Summit Podcast episode! 

Join co-host Kelly Reynolds as she uncovers the awe-inspiring story of Melissa Castle, a true force of nature deeply rooted in the beauty of the outdoors.

Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Melissa's pursuit of her commercial pilot's license intertwines with her love for the state's landscapes. From navigating Alaska's rugged terrain during her 2023 hunting season to advocating for ethical practices outdoors, Melissa embodies the spirit of adventure and reverence for nature.

Diving deeper into Melissa's world, she and Kelly uncover exhilarating parallels between flying and exploration. They highlight the thrill of navigating Alaska's expansive landscapes and underscore the importance of maintaining health and fitness for optimal outdoor experiences, enabling them to continue pursuing what they love.

Their conversation extends to the influence of female hunters on young girls entering outdoor spaces. Melissa and Kelly advocate for inclusive dialogues within hunting and outdoor communities, ensuring all feel empowered to embrace these traditionally male-dominated realms.

Join Kelly as she reflects on Melissa's inspiring journey, emphasizing the beauty of respecting and preserving our natural world. Get ready to be captivated by a tale of passion, purpose, and the boundless wonders of Alaska's wilderness.

Listen to the full episode below!

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