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Leg Destroyer [home workout]

If you’re looking for a workout that will have you questioning your choices and leave you in an accomplished pile of sweat, I’ve got what you are looking for. This workout doesn’t require any equipment, but it does demand you to show up with a strong mental and physical game.

With so many people tapping into DIY training from home these days, it’s a winning formula when you can tap out using just your body weight and a couple of strength-building moves. If you want to build leg endurance, burn some calories, and prepare for an adventure this summer, give this lower body workout a go.

The Workout:

You have 300 Reverse Lunges to complete, stopping every 25th rep to do 10 each of the following moves - Glute Bridges (each leg), Stand and Reach (each leg), and Sumo Squats. Once you complete those three moves, rest for 20-60 seconds before you go back into your Reverse Lunges. Repeat this until you complete 300 Reverse Lunges.

If you need to break your Reverse Lunges before you hit 25 reps your penalty is adding in a round of the other 3 moves, still 10 reps of each.

Pro Tip: You can alternate your reverse lunges, but if you want to spice it up a bit, do 25 on one leg and then 25 on the other leg. Instead of alternating each rep, you will only rotate every round.

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