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Outdoor Passion, Backpacking Wisdom, and Risk Mitigation with Joy Seward of RecPak

In a recent episode of the Soul Summit podcast, host Courtney Prete ventured into the realm of outdoor adventure and education alongside Joy Seward, a passionate advocate for independence and empowerment in outdoor pursuits.

Their conversation covered various topics, from the unique challenges women face in outdoor activities to the importance of education, community, and the significance of taking small steps towards one's outdoor goals.

Joy's infectious enthusiasm for the outdoors is deeply rooted in her belief in the transformative power of education and mentorship. Drawing from her experiences as a certified NOLS instructor, she passionately emphasizes the role of education in nurturing a love for nature and equipping individuals with the skills to navigate the outdoors safely.

Despite the hurdles women may face in the adventure realm, Joy highlights how outdoor activities can serve as powerful tools for empowerment. By dispelling misconceptions, managing risks, and fostering supportive networks, women can confidently embark on solo explorations in the great outdoors.

While the vast array of outdoor gear on the market may seem daunting to beginners, Joy highlights the importance of understanding equipment essentials and prioritizing comfort and safety. With knowledge of gear and preparation techniques at their disposal, adventurers can set out on their journeys with a sense of assurance. Additionally, Joy urges listeners not to give in to fear, advocating for the creation of support networks and the utilization of online resources to cultivate community.

In a world inundated with distractions, Joy advocates for the value of simplicity and prioritization. Time spent outdoors offers a unique opportunity for clarity and perspective, prompting individuals to refocus their priorities and live with renewed passion and purpose.

Joy's own entrepreneurial journey with RecPak serves as a compelling example of the rewards of pursuing one's passions and purpose. She encourages listeners not to delay living fully, stressing the importance of seizing the present moment and embracing opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

Through Joy's narrative, it becomes evident that the great outdoors offer more than just recreational opportunities—it provides avenues for empowerment, growth, and connection. By prioritizing education, community, and purpose, individuals can navigate the wilderness with confidence and embrace life to the fullest. Whether embarking on a solo trek or joining a group excursion, it's essential to take steps towards outdoor goals and embrace the transformative power of nature.

Listen to the full episode below!

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