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Pheasant Hunt, South Dakota Style

It may seem like the focus is on the whitetail rut but don’t forget this time of year offers some good opportunities for dusting off the shotgun too! Traditional Pheasant Season is going on now through January 31st, 2022, and South Dakota is known to have the most birds in the country with millions of acres of free-access public lands to hunt! It’s got me seriously thinking about booking a cheap flight out from Oregon to test the fields and get my boots on the ground.

Picture this: You, your favorite hunting buddy, a good bird dog, and more action than you know what to do with. It’s these kinds of hunting adventures that make me want to call a few friends and put the planning to work!

As with any other year, my mission is to look ahead for a new hunt, a new species, or a new place to make lifelong memories in the outdoors. This year with South Dakota leading an initiative to get more women outdoors, I am strongly considering crossing all three off the list with one pump. (See what I did there? So witty!)

Hunting brings us together. It’s a human tradition. It's the connection to nature, the adrenaline of the hunt, the satisfaction of eating the game you bag: it’s our shared legacy. And while pheasant hunting has always been a part of South Dakota’s story, they’re making the next chapter even greater. Welcoming all types of hunters and boosting sports women's voices: that’s a legacy to stand the test of time.

Want to sweeten the pot? Right now, you can enter to win a pheasant hunting trip for you and your pals. Plus, you and your buddies will get free SCHEELS apparel, Danner boots, Benelli shotguns, and a 2022 guided pheasant hunt at a world-class South Dakota pheasant hunting lodge. I mean, this is like a best-case scenario, right?

Go to to hear from women who hunt and learn what makes South Dakota the world’s pheasant capital.

You’ll also find public land maps, season information, phenomenal pheasant recipes, and resources for beginners. Want to check it out now? See the full link with all the details here.

Also, don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a free South Dakota pheasant hunting trip for you and your crew, plus that sweet swag lineup.


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