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Steps to Success

Updated: Dec 23, 2017

Every year you start hearing about the latest fad diet, magic "pills", and trending workout programs- so what is the answer?

The answer: working with your body, based on YOUR needs to become the healthiest version of YOU possible. Holistic health ins't new in the world of health and nutrition- in fact, it dates back a long ways. Look back before our stores were filled with processed treats, caffeinated drinks, and packaged 'snack foods'. Whole foods, wild game, home harvested, fresh and organic - sounds like a winning ticket to me - but how, and where do you start?

“What if I told you there is a way to regain your energy, improve your mood, combat stress, feel your best, and finally reach your goals?”

It all starts with making the decision to take action and put in the effort it takes to get healthy. Often times our diet and lack of activity from our busy lives leads us down a rabbit hole and before we know it we are left with no energy, coping with stress with our favorite indulgent, and wind up feeling hopeless. Where do you go from here, and how can you make the changes you need to feel your best without breaking the bank, and giving up all of your favorites? Try these steps below.

Step one:

Start by sitting down and writing out your goals. This can be done alone, or with a friend or loved one. It's one thing to 'think' about your goals, but

“a goal not written down is only a dream- give this the chance to become your reality.”

Break your goals down into smaller goals when you start. What do you want to accomplish this morning, tomorrow, and this week? Then make a goal for the month, three months, and this year. Once you have met your smaller goals, you lead yourself right to your end goal.

Step two:

Find an accountability buddy, or use a food and activity tracker like My Fitness Pal to log your daily nutrition and exercise. Having the personal accountability of logging your intake and movement keeps you on track, making progress and feeling confident in the changes and healthy habits you are making.

Step three:

Create a reward for when you meet your goals. Is there something that you'd like to do for yourself that you may not do on a regular basis? A pedicure, a new pair of shoes, or a trip to the beach? Write it down with your goals, set a date to accomplish it and once you have met that goal successfully, indulge.

"Stop and celebrate your accomplishments and progress."

Taking the time to give yourself a pat on the back for your hard work and healthy choices is a must. Making these daily changes can be tough, and you need to celebrate the victories, even the small ones.

Step four:

Be gentle with yourself. Knowing better is one thing, but doing better is a whole other story. Implementing new habits, changing your nutrition and beginning a new exercise program can be really tough, start small and build. If you have a hiccup, or make a mistake, shake it off. Think it through, try to game plan how to do it different in the future, and then move on. Focusing on it and beating yourself up only leaves you stuck in the past.

"your dreams should scare you a little and excite you a lot."

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