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EP 008 - The Ultimate Test of Will

with Kirstie Ennis

There are few people who truly have the mindset, drive and determination that Kirstie embodies, and in this episode we talk about her journey to where she is today.

Having experienced major trauma on her last day of deployment of her second tour in Afghanistan Kirstie's entire life changed in the matter of moments.

In this episode Kirstie opens up about the challenges she has walked through and her endless desire to continue her life and mission by helping others. Kirstie has founded the Kirstie Ennis Foundation in order to help give back to not only veterans, but to the disabled, kids, and women - there are "no boundaries" in giving back.

She is on a mission to show others they have the choice to make anything they want out of life, and how tapping into your potential makes all the difference. Head over to her website for more information on the Kirstie Ennis Foundation, and learn how you can get involved.

This episode was sponsored by Wilderness Athlete.

To learn more about Wilderness Athlete and to see a full line of products head to their website, and learn how to "Chose Your Path." Use code 'HERINSPIRED' to save 20% off on your first purchase.

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