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Through The Lens of Photographer Shanelle Riley: Capturing Wildlife’s Wonders and Reflections on Self Growth

Wildlife Photographer in Montana
Shanelle Riley

Welcome to a captivating episode of Soul Summit Podcast, where we dive into the inspiring world of wildlife photography with the dynamic Shanelle Riley. Based in the picturesque landscapes of Montana, Shanelle's journey is a testament to the transformative power of embracing discomfort and seeking growth.

Embracing Discomfort for Growth

Shanelle's story is one of humble beginnings, where she found her passion for photography amidst the essence of outdoor adventures. From capturing the spirit of Courtney’s archery camps to embarking on solo expeditions, her experiences ignited a flame that fueled her growth, both personally and professionally.

Throughout the conversation, a central theme emerged: "Embrace Discomfort for Growth." Shanelle vividly recounts moments of uncertainty during her solo journeys, moments that were pivotal for her development. Stepping outside one's comfort zone, she emphasizes, is not merely a challenge but a catalyst for growth, both as an artist and an individual.

Mentorship: Guiding Lights in the Wilderness

Shanelle sheds light on the profound impact of mentorship in her journey. With gratitude, she speaks of mentors whose guidance navigated the complexities of wildlife photography. Beyond technical knowledge, these mentors imparted invaluable lessons on patience, observation, and the art of storytelling through imagery.

Crafting the Perfect Shot: Tips and Tricks

As the conversation deepens, Shanelle shares insights into the technical aspects of photography. Understanding camera settings and the nuances of natural light, she reveals, are crucial elements for capturing that perfect shot. Her passion for the craft shines through as she encourages listeners to embark on their own photographic adventures with newfound confidence.

Capturing the Wonders of Montana's Wildlife through photography
Every Moment Capturing Life's Essence

Transformative Photography Retreats

One of the highlights of the discussion is Shanelle's immersive photography retreats. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Montana's wilderness, these experiences transcend mere workshops. They are transformative journeys where participants not only learn photography skills but also forge deep connections with nature. It's more than photography; it's an opportunity to explore creativity, overcome challenges, and build lasting friendships.

Every Moment: Capturing Life's Essence

As the episode comes to a close, Shanelle leaves us with a powerful message: "Every moment is an opportunity to capture the essence of life." Her words resonate as she encourages us to embrace discomfort, seek mentorship, and embark on creative journeys with passion and purpose.

Dive Deeper: Practical Tools for Photographers

For those eager to dive deeper into the world of photography, Shanelle offers practical tools. Comment 'PHOTOGRAPH’ on our Instagram page (@soulsummitpod_) for episode #133, and receive her '5 Key Elements To Composition' and a 'Photography Cheat Sheet' directly to your DMs.

Thank you for tuning in to this enriching episode of Soul Summit Podcast as we explore capturing wildlife wonders, and self growth. Follow Shanelle Riley on Instagram (@gypsywildadventures) for a visual feast of her breathtaking photography. Subscribe to the podcast for more empowering conversations with individuals who are igniting positive change in the world!


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