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Defending Hunting and Conservation

Updated: Mar 22

In a recent episode of the Soul Summit Podcast, Dan Gates, the Executive Director of Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management (CRWM), discusses the challenges confronting hunters in Colorado and the crucial need for collective efforts to protect hunting and wildlife conservation. Dan opened up about the evolving landscape of Colorado, highlighting the threats to hunting rights both within the state and beyond. He emphasizes the need for active involvement and educating the public about the benefits of hunting and science-based wildlife management.

Dan also addresses the ongoing fight against hunting bans and the importance of being educated and prepared in conservation organizations. During the discussion, Dan shared insights into pressing issues such as Colorado's wolf problem and the prohibitions on harvesting mountain lions and bobcats, showcasing the complexities of wildlife management. Throughout the conversation, Dan stresses the importance of inspiring action and advocacy in the outdoor community. He shares his own dedication to the cause in Colorado and collaboration with organizations like

Dan advocated for individual engagement, encouraging activities such as writing to legislators and attending commission meetings. He also addressed contemporary challenges such as fur bans, which have significant repercussions for hunting and fishing. Civic involvement and interaction with decision-makers were highlighted, alongside resources available for active participation.

Additionally, Dan explored the role of social media in shaping public perceptions of hunting, emphasizing the importance of responsible sharing.

To get involved and stay informed, Dan recommended visiting the following websites:

Support Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management at, and join the movement to protect hunting and wildlife conservation in Colorado.

Listen to the full episode now!

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